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***Your thesis needs continued refinement. Please revise an

***Your thesis needs continued refinement. Please revise and retool it before you submit your essay. In your thesis, make sure you include HOW the comparison of the stories illuminates the meaning of the texts.***   This upcoming essay will be your first in the course, and I encourage you to set aside more than to write the paper than you may think you need. Please make sure that you read all of the information that I’ve sent via email, which I have also posted as announcements in the course room. I’ve provided helpful hints and tips. I discuss in detail many pitfalls of literary essays. ****As a triple reminder, I’d like to mention that you should never include plot summary in your essays. The most important component of the paper needs to be HOW the elements of the story illuminate the meaning of the texts. **** Also, please note the list of additional elements that you’ll need in your essay, which is at the bottom of this paragraph. Failing to meet these requirements will result in a reduction of points.  Please also remember that this paper is a formal essay, which means you need to use a formal writing style. Doing so includes forming complete paragraphs and complete sentences, and you should not use contractions like “don’t” or “can’t” as you do in informal communication. You must use proper grammar and spelling, and you must use a formatting system like MLA/APA/ Turabian to cite and reference all of your work. (Again, see the information I’ve already given.) Above all, remember to enjoy yourself as you work on your essay.  Even if writing and literature isn’t your “thing,” enjoy the fact that you’re joining a dialogue about some of the greatest texts in the English language. Try to approach the assignment as a lawyer arguing your point; persuade me to see your point—your thesis.

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