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Your good friends have just adopted a four-year-ol

Your good friends have just adopted a four-year-old child. At this point, the only socialization decision they have made is that the child is going to preschool. Imagine that you are an expert in your chosen field. Your friends have come to you for advice and to devise a plan to raise their child. They ask you to be frank with them and give them specific examples to support your opinions. They are determined to raise this child to the best of their ability. Since they are new parents, they need advice on everything!The summative assignment is to develop a user-friendly PowerPoint handbook of suggestions. The handbook will demonstrate your understanding of the material by applying the major topics discussed in the course to a real situation.The PowerPoint presentation for the Final Project must include:Title slide (one slide)Introduction of the material for the new adoptive parents (one to two slides)At least 15 slides summarizing each of the items listed below (one to two slides for each item). Please note thatthe content of each slide should appear in the notes section, while the slide itself should contain the informationthat would be presented to the parents.An image that represents each itemConclusion slide that clearly explains why the parents should review this material (one to two slides)Reference slide with at least three scholarly sources and the course text properly cited (one slide)

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