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Your final project consists of creating a presentation that

Your final project consists of creating a presentation that highlights the challenges of expanding your company into a new country. The following criteria must be included: Background of company and of country Cultural influences on business Economic and legal influences on business Political and government influences on trade/business Involvement in international organizations Importing/exporting strategies Recommendations: Do you recommend expanding into this country? What would be the most effective plan of action for your corporation to expand?Your presentation consists of both a paper and an audio/visual. The latter can be accomplished through a PowerPoint with audio or through Screencast-O-Matic ( Each week you will be researching a topic specific to this presentation and presenting your findings in this journal format. Though the entire class has access to reading the journals, only you and I have the ability to edit the entries. Journals are graded every week. Week Three: Measure the economic development, performance, and potential for your country. Include the following data: narrow features (GNI, GDP, GNP), broad features (HDI, HPI, NPP), and leading indicators (inflation, unemployment, debt, income distribution, poverty, and balance of payment). What do the data suggest about your country’s performance and potential? What impact do each have on international business? Provide data for at least 5 years. Include in-text citations and references, all other APA guidelines are not required for Journal Entries. Remember to use all resources presented this week to support completion of your journal entry.

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