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Write an annotated bibliography. This will list and descri

Write an annotated bibliography. This will list and describe a minimum of 10 primary and secondary sources, with specific requirements detailed below, that you may use in your paper. The annotated bibliography should involve a variety of primary and secondary sources, including at least two primary sources and articles from at least two academic journals; it should not include encyclopedias of any kind, printed or electronic (especially including Wikipedia), dictionaries, or non-professional websites. A non-professional web site includes commercial information or information designed for a general public.  Government depositories and academic journals (check the UMUC library web page) are expected in all circumstances.  Each annotation should include a full, properly formatted Chicago style citation, 1-2 paragraphs detailing the basic argument of the work, the type of evidence used to prove the thesis, and an explanation of the value of the information to your paper.   Professional historians always utilize the University of Chicago graduate school citation standards first associated with Kate Turabian (A Manual for Writers…)  This very detailed form of documenting research enables the whoever reads your work can find the exact reference(s) upon which your original conclusions are based.  You can type Chicago style citation into your url and numerous websites will provide information and examples.This annotated bibliography is based off of the topic provided below and a thesis.Paper topic: The impact of the 1968 Tet Offensive.

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