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WK1 Content Review EDUC 4205 Answers 24Homework assignment

“More children receive nonfamilial care in the United States than ever before”   (Swim, T. (2017), p. 11). Based on the information presented on pages 9-21 of your course text, explain how the combination of family groupings, continuity of care, primary caregiving, and rich partnerships with families enhance healthy infant development and learning in the context of infant care.   2.Developmentally appropriate practice in infant settings requires understanding the bidirectional and reciprocal relationship between the child and his or her environment. Based on Chapters 1 & 2 of your course text, provide a total of three examples of bidirectional and reciprocal relationships that exist between infants, families and child care settings. Based on these examples, describe the role infant settings can play in supporting infant and family development.   3."A culturally rich curriculum encourages the recognition of cultural differences and helps young families connect with the traditions of their heritage and culture" (Swim, T. (2017), p. 19). Based on the discussion of cultural models presented on pages 21-23 of your course text, explain the role of the infant caregiver in providing a culturally rich curriculum.

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