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“Why Sell to the Government”

Imagine that you own a small disadvantaged business in your state. Identify your state and describe whether it is advantageous or not for you to do business with the federal government. What steps will you have to take to sell goods and services?
Your small business has decided to pursue a government contract. What type of contract from the following list would you prefer, and justify why you prefer that type: (i.e., fixed price contract, incentive contract, IDIQ contracts, cost reimbursement contract, time and materials contract)?

Your initial post should break down each question into multiple parts and provide a minimum of a 5-7 sentence paragraph to discuss each part of the discussion question.  If the question has three different parts to it, your responses should consists of at least three paragraphs.  It is recommended that you provide a general overview of the topic, provide an answer to the discussion questions and follow it up with the explanation and rationale of how/why you came to that answer.  Multiple questions should be answered individually and in detail.  Break up different areas of the discussion using proper paragraph format.  Use the discussions to learn about the topic and prepare for your quizzes/exams.

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