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Who has the Power ? Answers 1Homework Assignment

Who Has the Power? (unless other topic has been approved)

For the written assignment, you will explain how the constitutional structure that shapes American politics. Write a 3-4 page paper on the relative power of the president, Congress, and the federal judiciary in which you complete the following:

·       Of the president, Congress, and the Supreme Court, rank which you think has the most power, which has the second most, and which has the least. Support your position with specific examples.

·       If you think that two or all three have equal amounts of power, explain why.Discuss limitations on the power of each branch of government. Be sure to consider Articles I, II & III of the US Constitution. Does it make a difference if powers are implied or enumerated? Do current events make a difference in a branch’s level of power? Please provide examples to strengthen your arguments.

Draw extensively on information from all relevant chapters of textbook (which may count as one of you sources) and relevant presentations. Use well-constructed paragraphs and sentences.


·       Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

·       Length: 3-4 pages (This does not include the title page or the bibliography).

·       Resources: Use at least three scholarly sources from the library or Internet. All may be online and one must be your book. Wikipedia,,, etc are prohibited. Instead, you might utilize the textbook and start at 

·       APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting. Examples are available through the library link found to the left in the Canvas courseroom or at

·       Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

·       Doublespace

Note:  For Social Sciences, one of the primary learning objectives is critical assessment. For the political science department in particular, critical assessment of patterns and relations of power is a primary goal. This is, in fact, required to maintain state course accreditation. Indeed, the final essay is broad and covers an enormous amount of materials, and this is purposefully so. Nearly every topic we have covered has entire textbooks written on it. The goal for your course capstone paper is to research and assess complex information and communicate their impacts on the topic(s) at hand. The topic for your essay this quarter was purposely chosen to incorporate many American Government-specific learning outcome goals (See syllabus link for a list of those) and to allow you some creativity in choosing how you approach the topic. I am happy to work with you and read drafts if the drafts are emailed to me 7 days prior to the final due date..  It is at the discretion of each instructor to accept other pre-approved topics which I personally do allow each quarter so that students may always have input. If you wish to write on a different topic, I must receive an email from  you  by July 20, 2014


POLS&202 Research Paper Grading Rubric













Provides introduction outlining purpose and scope of paper

No introduction included







0 points

No introduction but purpose of paper clear






10 points

Provides single sentence outlining scope and purpose of paper




20 points

Outlines scope and purpose with rankings. Discusses topic and provides general outline of ideas


40 points



Provides clear rankings for each branch of government


Does not identify rankings for each branch of government





0 points

Identifies 1 branch as less or more than the others but is not clearly rank other branches of government



20 points

Identifies ranking of each branch of government






30 points

Clearly, and in an organized fashion, identifies rankings of each branch of government



 40 points



Provides specific examples of how and why each branch of government has the level of power it does, by critically assessing patterns and relations of power


Does not address the patterns and relations of power for the three branches of US government
















0  points

Identifies the roles of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government















20 points

Explains the roles of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches and discusses power levels relative to each other with some examples.












30 points  

Explains the roles of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government and discusses power levels relative to each other with specific examples for each branch. Includes critical thinking assessment by analyzing patterns and relations of power.


40 points



Does not include a conclusion







0 points

Ends paper with single sentence noting that it is the end





10 points

Provides summary of research






30  points

Provides summary of research and provides outlook for the US Government and the relations of power therein


40 points


Bibliography & Citation

Does not include bibliography or citation


0 points and paper not accepted

Includes bibliography but no citation


10 points

Includes bibliography & citation but not in APA format


30 points

Includes bibliography & citation in APA format


40 points












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