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Using Exhibits 6.4 and 6.5 from Chapter 6 in your

Using Exhibits 6.4 and 6.5 from Chapter 6 in your textbook as guidelines (attached), respond to the following statements.1. Identify a business decision situation that requires action in your organization. Be clear and succinct.2. Assess the current situation.3. Identify two symptoms.4. Identify likely problems causing each symptom.5. Write a decision statement (this is always a question).6. Identify research objective (potential result) that corresponds to the decision statement.7. Restate research objective in the form of a question (known as the research question).8. Develop a hypothesis by (1) reviewing the research objectives and identifying the variables and (2) specifying thevariables in a declarative statement and describing the direction of the relationship.Write a two-page paper based on the information from your responses. The paper should include the following headings:Current Situation, Problem Statement, Research Objective, Research Question(s), and Hypothesis. Be sure to include atitle page and a reference page. Use correct APA formatting when writing your paper.

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