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Unit III Article ReviewAnswers 62Homework Assignment

 Unit III Article Review 

For this assignment, analyze the following article found in the Business Source Complete database in the Waldorf Online Library: Ogbonna, E., & Harris, L. C. (2001). The founder’s legacy: Hangover or inheritance? British Journal of Management, 12(1), 13-31. 

Write a review that is a minimum of two pages in length of the article listed above.* Include the following elements in your article review:  an introduction to the overarching topic of the article,  the authors’ main points,  the authors’ supporting evidence for each main point,  your analysis of how the article relates to this course’s content and how it applies to real-world situations,  your critical evaluation of the main points and supporting evidence presented in this article (your evaluation should demonstrate critical thinking to inform and substantiate your opinion), and  a conclusion. 

Use APA style. As with all your work at Waldorf University, be sure to cite all your sources and follow Waldorf’s Academic Integrity Policy. *The journal article by Ogbonna and Harris does contain one vulgar word in a direct quote taken from one of the case study organizations. 

As a result, if you prefer to review another article instead, you may review the following article, also found in the Business Source Complete database in the Waldorf Online Library: Fauchart, E., & Gruber, M. (2011). Darwinians, communitarians, and missionaries: The role of founder identity in entrepreneurship. Academy of Management Journal, 54(5), 935-957. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below. 

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