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Understanding how children learnAnswers 22Homework assignment


1. Select at least one quote from at least four of this week's readings.

2. List each quote (and citation) and explain why you selected it as a compelling or interesting quote.

3. Explain what you learned this week about children''s learning in math, science, and STEM/STEAM.  

4. What am I going to do about this issue in my classroom? 

So you should have at least 4 quotes just to be clear.



Coleman, J., & McTighe, E. (2013). Unlocking the power of visual communication:  Interactive read-alouds help students decode science diagrams and other visual information.  Science and Children, 50(5), 73-77.

Lott, K., Wallin, M., Rohaar, D., & Price, T. (2013). Catch me if you can! A STEM activity

for kindergartners is integrated into the curriculum. Science and Children, 51(4), 65-69.

Mayberry, S. (2014). Gather ‘round: Exploring the wonders of science through read-alouds.

Science and Children, 51(8), 63-67.

NSTA. (2014). NSTA position statement: Early childhood science education. Science and  Children, 51, (7), 10-12. 

Roy, K. (2013). Safety: The elementary mission. Science and Children, 51(2), 86-87.

Vardell, S. M., & Wong, J. S., (2014). Observe, explain, connect. Science and Children,

51(8), 31-35.

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