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To prepare for this Application Assignment, choose a crimin

To prepare for this Application Assignment, choose a criminal justice theory and a particular criminal event or type of crime. Think about how this theory could be used to analyze the criminal event or type of crime.The assignment (2 pages in APA format) Identify the theory and the criminal event/type of crime you selected.Explain how this theory might be used to analyze the criminal event or type of crime you selected.Explain why this theory is or is not appropriate for analyzing this criminal event or type of crime.This talk brings together research and practice perspectives on the development of regional light rail. What are other regions doing to grow their light rail infrastructure, in the US and in other countries, and what kind of political and economic challenges do they face? What are the prospects for light rail development here in the South Sound?REMINDER of expectations for ‘Weekly News Story’ posts Students enrolled in the course for:1 credit are required to submit four (4) over the course of the term2 credits are required to submit eight (8) over the course of the term A link to a recent (within the past 3 months) news story … by Sunday 11:59 PM. News stories are “standard, objective, fact-based reporting on a current matter of public concern. The author’s name is identified in the byline. These stories usually represent the majority of stories in printed publications and on the Websites of mainstream news organizations” (McCormick Foundation, p. 4). Each news story may only be posted once. For an example of this assignment visit the course’s Facebook Page (listed on page 1). The link to the news story shall be accompanied by a post containing the following:A 3 -4 sentence summary of the content of the storyList all the sources the author cites in the article (include a description of who they are in parenthesis)Two questions the author left unanswered about the facts, arguments, and sources he/she cited?A brief (50 word) description of how you think this story relates to the content of this week’s presentation (review the syllabus description of the presentation for guidance)

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