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Three contractors (call them contractors 1, 2, and

Three contractors (call them contractors 1, 2, and 3)bid on a project to build a new bridge. What is thesample space?6.10 Refer to Exercise 6.9. Suppose that you believe thatcontractor 1 is twice as likely to win as contractor 3and that contractor 2 is three times as likely to winas contactor 3. What are the probabilities of winningfor each contractor?6.11 Shoppers can pay for their purchases with cash, acredit card, or a debit card. Suppose that the proprietorof a shop determines that 60% of her customersuse a credit card, 30% pay with cash, and therest use a debit card.a. Determine the sample space for this experiment.b. Assign probabilities to the simple events.c. Which method did you use in part (b)?

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