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This is Question Description Criteria Information

This is Question Description Criteria Information Medium 1.Experience What is the experience selling to C-level executives, how do you feel about cold calls? And how many experience in sales Face to Face 2. Aptitude/Ability Why you feel qualified for this position? Do you have a system or process for how you approach sales? What motivates you to succeed? Face to face 3. Culture Fit What are your personal core values? What is the funniest/most embarrassing thing that has happened to you recently? Face to Face 4. Communication Skills: How you going to speak to customers about a product’s different features, and answer any questions they might have. Do you use direct approach or indirect approach? Face to Face 5. Customer Service Skills How you speck to customer so that they feel friendly and listen you care fully what kind of approach you will follow so that you attract their attention. Face to Face 6. Flexibility You might have to work long hours, nights or weekends. How you going to manage your personal and professional life? Is your family will be confortable with that? Face to face 7. Persistence: Not every customer is going to be sale. How you going to bounce back? Face to Face

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