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There are plenty of KM technologies (in the form o

There are plenty of KM technologies (in the form of tools or systems) available but they can only invest in one piece of technology first because of financial constraint. Conduct a study on Knowledge Management technologies and make appropriate recommendation for a chosen company (feel free to choose a company of your choice, perhaps one you have learnt from references, as an example), analyse relevant KM technologies using multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and write a report of your study to facilitate their decision on the investment in the KM technology.Your report must include the following key elements:1) Review on a number of at least (e.g. 3 to 5) KM technologies with support from appropriate references;2) Multiple decision criteria should be considered for the decision. The report needs to clearly identify the decision criteria with support from appropriate references (either from literature or empirical research);3) Review a number of MCDA methods and choose one MCDA method for the decision process with justification for the choice of the method;4) Illustrate how your chosen MCDA method can be employed to solve the decision problem of the KM technology evaluation and selection. If extra data are needed to help you complete the MCDA process (such as judgement scores for paircomparisons). you need to either research the data from references or directly collect the data from at least 3 to 5 experts in the company through interviews or a questionnaire survey, whichever way is possible for you.

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