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The National Debt Answers 51Homework Assignment

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In this section, the group should identify a solution that they believe would be primarily in the interests of the business community. For example, in the area of health care, the business community may prefer a policy that permits more flexibility in determining levels of participation. Try to find an example of a private sector solution and briefly describe the kinds of policy preferences this would result in.  And answer the question – why does government oppose this?


1. What are the National Debt, Debt Ceiling and Budget Deficit.  4/13/2017.  US News     (There are several sources to link to from this cite).  

2. Budget Deficit: How It Affects the Economy.  Why the government Can Run a Budget Deficit and You Can't. Kimberly Amadeo.  up.12/22/2016 

3.  U.S.Government Spending .com

4.  Just  National Debt.  A resource for independent thinkers. 

5. “Understanding the National Deficit and Debt: A Primer”; 

3. GAO – Understanding the National Debt:

6. National Debt or Federal Deficit? What's the Difference?

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