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The following transactions are for Pickard Constru

The following transactions are for Pickard Construction Company:a. The firm bought equipment for $64,000 on credit.b. The firm purchased land for $450,000, $160,000 of which was paid in cash and a note payable signed for the balance.c. The firm paid $41,000 it owed to its suppliers.d. The firm arranged for a $225,000 line of credit (the right to borrow funds as needed) from the bank. No funds have yet been borrowed.e. The firm sold some of its products for $34,000$18,000 for cash, the remainder on account.f. Cost of sales in (e) are $22,000.g. The firm borrowed $84,000 on its line of credit.h. The firm paid a $10,000 cash dividend to its stockholders.i. An investor invested an additional $60,000 in the company in exchange for additional capital stock.j. One of the primary investors borrowed $90,000 from a bank. The loan is a personal loan.k. The firm repaid $16,000 of its line of credit.l. The firm received a $1,000 deposit from a customer for a product to be sold and delivered to that customer next month. Analyze and record the transactions as journal entries. (Omit explanations.)

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