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The date is January 1, 2019. Wyatt and Sofia work

The date is January 1, 2019. Wyatt and Sofia work as managers of Palacios Pizza. One thing they can’t help but noticing is that Palacios seems to pay a lot of money for its pizza boxes. After talking with the store’s owner Carmen, they learned that Palacios pays about $200 for each container of pizza boxes. A container holds 2,500 pizza boxes. Apparently, Carmen has shopped this business around and $200 is the cheapest price she can find for a container of 2,500 pizza boxes.Wyatt and Sofia immediately decide to venture on their own to form their own pizza box manufacturing company named Boz Boxes, Inc. They rent a portion of a small building for $3,000 per month. They also rent a machine which could cut pizza boxes for $4,000 per month. They hire 2 hourly employees, Martin and Paul. They pay Martin $20 per hour and Paul $15 per hour. Sofia and Wyatt focus on the marketing and strategic planning side of the business. Sofia and Wyatt each inherited $250,000 and each contribute that full amount to the business.

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