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Solved “Who Trades Wins”-Essay

Having sold his fast food business, Ian decided to invest the profit in securities. He approached Bradley a financial adviser at “Who Trades Wins” Plc (WTW). Staff at WTW had been under enormous pressure to earn high commission for the company throu Order Messages (0) Revision Instructions (0) « Back to list Order code: 73899297 F Not available Request order Time remaining: 9 days 11 hours 33 minutes Deadline:    February 16 10:18 Order total:    $12.32 Compensation:     $3.08 / Page Pages:    4, Single spaced Sources:    20 Order type:     Essay Subject:     Law Academic level:    Not specified Style:    Oxford Language:    English (U.K.) Hide order Order Description1:read through the problems. 2:Advise Ian of any action he may take against Who Trades Wins plc and Marcus. Advise him of his liability to Peggy and any defences he may use against Ben who was injured in the crash. 3:Lav v WTW: a:negligence. b:is there a special relationship?. c:what makes up the special relationship. d:special skill ( analyse,explain,and apply relevant case law) e:reasonable reliance ( apply relevant case law) f:voluntary assumption.4:Lan v Marcus. a:As with WTW but you need to analyse explain and apply the extended Hedley Byrne principle.5:Peggy v Lan. a:is there a duty to peggy?. b:what type of victim is she? use authority to explain your answer. c:Analyse and explain wither Alcock criteria is required. d:what is the Alcock criteria?. e:analys case law to see if peggy satisfies the criteria. 6:Ben v Lan ; no need to discuss breach of duty. Other examples of good CW practice; 1:Be specific especially with problem question 2:analyses and argue each point 3:Be ruthless Do i really need to include this? 4:do not rely on one textbook 5:use primary sources as much as possible. 6:cite from primary sources not textbooks. 7;support 8:nutshells etc should not be use. 9:only answer the question asked.please use English law English cases Place an order with similar or related instructions NOW

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