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Solved Management Order Messages-Essay

Revision Instructions (0) « Back to list Order code: 76894961 HV Not available Request order Time remaining: 57 days 23 hours 23 minutes Deadline: March 27 22:46 Order total: $29.75 Compensation: $1.75 / Page Pages: 17, Double spaced Sources: 70 Order type: Dissertation Subject: Business Academic level: Not specified Style: Harvard Language: English (U.K.) Hide order Order Description Title – “The Management of Arsenal Football Club in terms as a business compared to Manchester Untied Football Club and their rising levels of debt” Layout of Dissertation: ? Title page ? Abstract ? Acknowledgements ? Contents ? Ch. 1: Introduction ? Ch. 2: Literature Review ? Ch. 3: Research Methodology & Objectives or Hypothesis ? Ch. 4: Research Findings ? Ch. 5: Research Analysis ? Ch. 6: Limitations of study ? Ch. 7: Conclusions and recommendations ? Appendices ? References Marking Scheme: ? a) Plan and construct a self-managed study programme ? b) Investigate research questions using appropriate research methods and strategies ? c) Demonstrate the ability to self-manage a research project ? d) Extract and analyse, in an appropriate manner, quantitative and qualitative material ? e) Discuss and critically analyse the independent study topic chosen and defend it by argument ? f) Present the findings of the independent study in an appropriate academic and professional manner as determined by their programme of study and the nature of the chosen project. Advice: • Put in more books, journals and articles that are relevant • Use Interviews, Graphs, Charts and Questionnaires to back up findings • Use a mixture of secondary and primary data • 5,000 words • Make sure that its something new in research for top marks • Interviews should be contained in research Reference: Books: • Manchester United: A Thematic Study by David L. Andrews – this book is an important look at Manchester United in the financial economy. • For Love or Money? England and Manchester United by Alex Fynn & Lynton Guest– The Business of winning – explores the politics and business of what is a major international industry. • Manchester DisUnited: And the Business of soccer by Mihir Bose – This book explores the takeover of Manchester United by the Glazers. • Manchester Unlimited: The Money, Egos and infighting between the world’s Richest Soccer club by Mihir Bose– this book is great for knowledge on the money that Manchester United has and how they use it. • Manchester A Football History by James Ward – this book shows the history of Manchester United and shows development of the club. • Great Brand Stories Arsenal: Winning together by John Simmons – The story of the Arsenal brand by John Simmons – this book goes into detail on how Arsenal moved into the elite of world football’s financial powerhouses • Arsenal: The making of a modern Superclub by Alex Fynn – this book explores how Arsenal has become such a powerful club. • The Real Arsenal: From Chapman to Wenger the unofficial story by Brain Glanville – looks deep into Arsenal’s management styles and history of the club through the decades. Journals: • Manchester United – A Model Example of CQI in Action by Alison Johns – this looks at the model for team building that Manchester United uses with comments from top management. • Finance and Football Clubs – What Cash Flow Analysis reveals by B.J. Webb & J.M. Broadbent – this article looks in detail the finances of football clubs including Manchester United and Arsenal. • Internationalization and sport branding strategy: a French perception of the big four brands by Nicolas Chanavat & Guillaume Bodet – this article provides a better understanding of potential foreign customers perceptions of professional football brands. Websites: • The official Manchester United website for knowledge of latest updates to the club, financial positioning and other records that are useful to my study. • – The official Arsenal website will aid my knowledge in the same way the Manchester United website helps my study. • – Forbes is the world’s leading business website, this site has important information • – This includes important information on the clubs budget, player transfers, and other things that will aid my study. • price of football Use more books and journals ad websites to complete dissertation. Other websites that could be useful: (book) (book) People say that footballing prices need to be lowered: Arsenal FC have the most expensive season ticket & match ticket: How much clubs spent: Arsenal Profits:–Ivan-Gazidis.html Man u financial statement 2012: Arsenal financial statement 2012 (download pdf) Manchester United Debt: Arsenal can compete with any club in the world: an order with similar or related instructions NOW

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