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Solved Geoculture as a tool of actual Turkish foreign policy to exercise political influence in Albania (and Kosovo)

Assignment Requirements As I am studying the influence of Turkish foreign policy in Albania, explaining the Turkish foreign policy of geopolitical terms, which is part of my doctoral thesis, I have described so far the geopolitical factor and geoeconomic factor (essay you did send to me upon my order). I have divided this influence of Turkey in Albania in three factors: geopolitical factor, geoeconomic factor and geocultural factor. I have finished with geopolitical factor and geoeconomic factor, and now I am requiring an essay on geoculture as a tool of Turkish foreign policy to exercise political influence in Albania. My work is based on Ahmet Davutoglu�s work �Strategic Depth: Turkey’s International Position�. To take the full advantage of its geopolitics and geoculture, Turkey pursues an independent and active foreign policy.The Davutoglu�s Doctrine under the AKP has adopted a new model of involvement which has essentially widened the scope of the state�s influence in the region. Undercutting traditional diplomacy, the rise in cooperation with religious networks and charities opened opportunities for Turkey to penetrate into the micro-level community organizations and ground politics.I would like a treatment of the following questions: What is geoculture in general terms? How is geoculture involved in new Turkish foreign policy principles? How does Davutoglu include the geocultural factor in his doctrine? What are the elements of Turkish geoculture (religion, Gulen movement, education, ideology, soap operas, historical background you can add more)? At what level are these elements influencing Albanian politics? The economic successes have provided a convenient platform for Turkey�s new, “zero problem policy with its neighbors” foreign policy under the AKP, which has rested on what Davutoglu called “strategic depth.” In his own words: “It is impossible for a country experiencing constant crises with neighboring states to produce a regional and global foreign policy. A comprehensive peace plan and a package to develop economic and cultural relations have to be put into place simultaneously to overcome security crises with the closest neighbors.” So Turkey pursues a pro-active policy and mediates conflicts in its environs. “Turkey is no longer a country which only reacts to crises,” but the one that “gives shape to the order of its surrounding regions,” Davutoglu said. He also calls on Turkey to “rediscover its historic and geographic identity” and pursue a “balanced approach towards all global and regional actors,” denying the view that the foreign policy has a place for neo-Ottomanism. P.S. I am very pleased with your work in my previous request. Only one thing was not as I had required or I had not specified it. I have to refer to each reference with page number. And I had trouble in finding the pages of the references. So please provide the references with footnotes where you can mention Work, Author, Editing House, Year of Publication and Page Number. Thank you! Order Now

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