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Text book1-advancEd microeconomic 3rd edition David roomer 2006 Chapter 4 real business cycle & chapter5 traditional Keynesian theories of fluctiation, & chapter 6 microeconomic foundation 271-303 Text b-2 :macroeconomics . Andrew a bel, Ben breakneck , 6edition Chapter 8: buisness cycles & microeconomic policy 281-309 Chapter 9: the is-lmiad as model 310-359 Chapter 10:classical buisness cycles p360-398 Chapter11:keynesian : the microeconomic of wages , price rigidity Finally chapter5: savings & investment in open market Also those. Articles: 1-long jr, John B, Charles plosser ( real buisness cycle) journal of political economy (1983):39-69 2- king, Robert, and Charles plosser ( the behavior of money , credit and prices in real buisness cycle ) 1984 3- greenwald , Bruce , and Joseph Stieglitz ( keynesian , new keynesian , and new classical economics ) ( 1988) 4-Romer, David ( the new Keynesian synthesis) ( the journal of economic perspectives ) 7.1 (1993):5-22 5-Romer, David ( Keynesian macroeconomics without the LM curve) no w7461. National bureau of economic research, 2000 Finally article 6: Lucad, Robert Eo , and Thomas j Sargent ( after Keynesian macroeconomic ( public administration and public policy 98(2000) :981-1002 What I need: the term paper should reflect the position of student (me ) and supported by given text book (1&2) and 6 article Shoud be free of plagiarism (0) and grammatically correct ( ph.d) level , this is the first time I use you . I like to be assigned one great economic writer who will be handle all my next 20-30 papers plus my thesis. One ph.d in economics who could be assigned to my work please ! If you can not , let me know . Thanks The term paper should be : 20 pages plus abstract plus15 references no more than 10 years old plus APA 6 style references, DOUBLe SPACeD, with proper header and page numbers located on each page , Again: the paper should reflect student position on materials given before and supported by the references Thank you

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