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Solved 2.Antonio Vivaldi

2.Antonio VivaldiIntroduce the composers, summarize their significance, and find differences/similarities in their careers. • Describe an experience of either sending or receiving a bad news message. If sending the message, identify the hardest part in creating it. If receiving the message, explain the influence of how the message was written on your reaction.Week 3 Discussion 4 / eng 315 “Art of Persuasion” Please respond to the following: • Explain whether or not you are easily persuaded and describe what it takes to persuade you 3.Food Cost Case Study Jack is the Stores Supervisor in a mid-size 4 star CBD Hotel that has a good size banqueting operation, 5 F & B outlets as well as a main kitchen, a preparation kitchen and a satellite banqueting kitchen.Jack gets on extremely well with all of the outlet managers and supervisors, and likes to be very flexible with them as he worked in F & B operations for 10 years before joining the purchasing department. He also understands the pressure that they have to work under and therefore does not mind if they approach him outside of normal stores operating times for their daily requisition. Sometimes, if necessary, he will allow the supervisors and managers to fetch their own supplies from the stores, but only if they have the correct paperwork completed.Just recently, to enhance efficiency in the area, he has managed to have a member of the Management Training Programme assigned permanently to the Purchasing department as part of the training (he will get a new trainee every 12 weeks). He has designated the trainees the responsibility of receiving and processing all daily deliveries.He has also, for efficiency, arranged with the Chef that in future all outlets will collect items such as fresh fruit, fruit juices, milk, butter, margarines etc direct from the preparation kitchen.With the above information please answer the following questions:  1. Why might the food cost percentage be rising? 4. This is not a formal paper rather an informal and straightforward discussion for an online class. Please do not repeat or restate information, ideas, or opinions, rather follow up the statement with proof via a citation or example. A re-introduction or re-statement of the presented topic/concept is not necessary, so please do not rewrite the question/instructions. Simply focus all writing on directly answering with details that relate only to the immediate discussion/question.Discussion/Question (each prompt should be 1 full page):1) What happens to the special journal in a computerized accounting system that uses electronic forms?2) What is a merchandising operation? How is it different from a service operation? How do the financial statements differ in a merchandising operation? ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!! 21.Order code: 74891158 Not available Request order Time remaining: 1 days 12 hours 0 minutes Deadline: January 29 12:16 Order total: $15.00 Compensation: $2.50 / Page Pages: 6, Double spaced Sources: 12Order type: Dissertation Chapter – Literature Review Subject: Management Academic level: Not specified Style: APA Language: English (U.S.) Hide order Order Description Requires a table for outlining major features of study and table summarizing studies by typical or theoretical areas. Specialization in scholarship, making new contribution to an area of knowledge, demonstrating a high level of scholarship, demonstrating originality, the ability to write a cover coherent volume of intellectual demanding work of a significant length, the ability to develop the capacity and personal character to intellectually manage the research, including the writing of the thesis; showing in depth understanding of the topic area and work related t. The research and defending orally what was produced in terms of the reason for doing the research and choices over the way it was done.  ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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