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Select and arrange to interview a nurse leader. Th

Select and arrange to interview a nurse leader. This may be a nurse leader from your work, a hospital, an educator, a friend, but the nurse must hold a leadership position.Possible interview questions, but you may create your own:When was the activity completed?Name of the person interviewed? Job title and job description based upon interview questions.What was the reason for selecting this nurse leader for the interview?What were the objectives of the interview? (you should write objectives if you are interviewing a leader and share them at the beginning of the interview)What is the nurse leader’s leadership style?What are some of your leadership strengths and weaknesses?Has there been a situation during your career when you made a communication error? If so, how did you resolve it?How would you resolve a conflict with a coworker, patient, or physician?How do you manage stress at work?What do you believe is the role of leadership in fostering a health workplace?How does critical thinking influence decision-making observed during the activity or for the person interviewed? (you will have to prepare for this by looking up critical thinking skills)How is teamwork and collaboration fostered?What essential communication skills did you use during the interview? Provide a specific example?Analysis:How does the nurse leader’s position impact nursing practice?The post How does the nurse leader’s position impact nursing practice? appeared first on Essay Lane.

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