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Security ManagementIndividual Project 5 Due by Monday sep 1

Security ManagementIndividual Project 5 Due by Monday sep 17Assignment ObjectivesArticulate why compliance with security policies, standards andprocedures are necessary to preserve the integrity of a secure system.Demonstrate the role and importance of Security Awareness and SecurityTraining in the operation and administration of an enterprise levelsecurity system.Assignment details.Key AssignmentYou will submit the Key Assignment Final Draft. In addition, a summaryof 3–5 pages for the Security Training module section of theComprehensive Security Management Plan will be included as the finalsection.The final step in developing the Comprehensive Security ManagementPlan is to define a training module. Begin by defining all roles(management, developers, administrators, clerical, etc.) that havesecurity training and awareness needs. Then, suggest a list of coursesand workshops. With the list of roles and list of courses andworkshops, create a cross-reference in the form of a matrix thatincludes all of the training needs. In 3–5 pages for the trainingmodule, include the list of roles, courses with detailed information,and the training matrix.The project deliverables are the following:Update the Comprehensive Security Management Plan title page with new date.Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s andyour peers’ feedback.Use the subheading ‘The Training Module.’Define a training module.Include a list of roles (developers, administrators, clerical, etc.).Include a list of courses and workshops.Include a cross-reference matrix of training.Finalize the Comprehensive Security Management Plan.Review the entire document for any changes and improvements to be made.Ensure that this final version of the plan is sufficiently detailed toallow the organization to confidently move forward with theimplementation of the Comprehensive Security Management Plan based onrecommendations.Any previous feedback should be addressed with appropriate changes.Be sure to update the table of contents before submission.Name the document ‘yourname_CS654_IP5.doc.’Part 1 Tasks (Objectives from Weeks 1–4)This course has been comprised of a series of Individual Projectassignments that have contributed to a Key Assignment submission atthe end of the course. Each week, you have completed a part of aComprehensive Security Management Plan. The Key Assignment shouldinclude the following tasks:Week 1: Security Working Group (WG)Discussion of the enterprise security management responsibilitiesimplemented as a service with contributions from roles throughout theenterprise using the WG model applied to the projectA definition of roles and responsibilities for management of securityusing the WG model applied to the projectAn understanding of communication flows with the WG model withapplication to the projectWeek 2: Needs AssessmentDescription of existing organization and what it already has in placefor a security architectureWeek 3: Security Policy Content and RiskAn overview of the content that should exist in security policy,security standards, security procedures, other related securitydocumentationWeek 4: Security Models and Design PrinciplesKey Assignment First Draft for peer reviewRelate security design principles to their proposed system changesPart 2 Tasks (Objective from Week 5):Week 5: Security TrainingSubmit the Key Assignment Final Draft.Analyze previous submissions, and make changes as necessary to thefinal paper to be prepared this week.Continue development of the Comprehensive Security Management Planwith a training module for explaining the roles and security trainingand behavioral needs for each.

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