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Scenario: You are asked to lead a nursing task for

Scenario: You are asked to lead a nursing task force in your hospital to look into problems with recruitment and retention of nurses. You will gather information as to why nurses leave as well as why you are unable to recruit nurses to your organization.Please feel free to interview your colleagues or nursing leaders within or outside your organization to gather information as well as your literature search.Documents: You are to examine the changing trends in healthcare that impact the formation of the professional nursing role. In your research, you can explore the following topics as a start and certainly add to them:Health Care reformComplexity of patientsValue- based purchasingIncreased educational requirementsRole of Magnet Recognition in organizations:BSN as a requirement for employmentIssues with scope of practiceImpact of the Future of Nursing Report on practice and educationAssignments:Part 1 Research your topics you must include at least three factors that influence the nurses role and affect practice.Part 2 What organizational changes do you recommend to the Nursing Leadership Board. You must provide evidence to support your recommendations as well as a reference page.Tasks:1.You are to create a presentation to the Nursing Leadership Team outlining the important aspects impacting the role of the professional nurse in todays healthcare system. Include in your presentation the factors that influence the role.2.You must also include the organizational changes that you feel need to be put in place to support the professional nurse role. You must supply evidence to support your recommendations. A reference page is to be submitted reflecting the sources of your evidence.

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