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responding to peersAnswers 22Homework assignment


After reviewing the strategy ideas respond to your peers. 

1. You will respond as if you are a parent or a teacher who is questioning the budget decision. 

2.  Explain why you think the budget decision is a poor one and offer an alternative suggestion. 

Each response should be at least 50 words in length.


Hello and welcome to the 2018-2019 budget meeting, we have a few budget cut issues we need to discuss and improve our coming year budget. I have come up with a few strategies that may help with a better budget that will not to effect out current staff, children and family we service. I have listed the following strategies below: 

Strategy 1. Would be to come up with an enroll campaign in the program.  According to Samer (2016), “the need of digital media marketing has transformed traditional marketing into electronic marketing and marketers are focusing on cost-effective ways to market their product or services” (p.3).  We could set up an Facebook page to show what our center is all about highlighting our staff and children we are hoping that more people will learn about us and enroll in the center.  According to Gadzikowski (2013), “A child care center or preschool can create a page in a social media site and use it to promote special events, such as fundraising auctions or holiday concerts” (section 3.6, para. 9).  

Strategy 2. We could work with the community by doing events and fundraiser throughout the year to get out centers name and philosophy out in the community. 

As what we can do as a center to do to cut budgets, we can cut down on using office supplies and conserving material to be used over and over again.   

Peer 2

1. Budget Surplus: Your center is in the enviable position of having a budget surplus that has resulted from careful financial management over the past several years. The center must allocate the excess funds in order to ensure future funding from the church. How will you and board go about making these spending decisions?

First thing I would do is sit down with my staff and tell them how proud of them I am. Then I would tell them I am giving then a well-deserved increase pay (yeah)! I would also ask them for some input into some items or suggestions that might be needed or updated. I would also try and find some ways to maybe set up some scholarships for families that my need financial help with daycare funds. I would like this to be something that we could offer throughout the year not just a one-time thing. I would also make sure we gave a contribution to the church in the daycare's name, and maybe even do something like plant flowers or trees around the church. I would make sure we paid extra on our bills, so this could happen more often. I would also make sure the board members approved our decisions and would even ask them if they had ideas they may think could benefit the center.

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