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Responding to PeersAnswers 12Homework Assignment




When responding to your peers in such a way that is directed to their initial posting, make it personal to them, not generic. Refer to a point they made in their post, ask deeper questions about a statement they made, relate an experience that you had that correlates to their post. Be sure to address all of the Guided Response criteria for each peer response. Feel free to ask questions of them for clarification if needed or agree/disagree with their position (in a non-accusatory way) and back it up. 

(This above is what the teacher expects when responding to peers. Below is the Guided Response criteria in which is very important an has to be addressed) 


Guided Response Criteria

 Review several of your classmates’ posts, Imagine that a parent has just read your peer’s classroom newsletter, and the parent is upset that television and media are being used in the classroom.  Based on what you know about using television and media in the classroom to develop literacy instruction, write a response back to the parent that justifies using this approach in the classroom.


Hello Parents and Guardians:

As we dive into a new week, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about an addition to the curriculum that is very exciting. We will be incorporating some of the favorite educational children’s shows into our literacy instruction time. I am sure that you have all watched your youngsters standing in front of shows like Mickey Mouse Club House, Sesame Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Doc McStuffins, Wallykazaam, Dora, and the list goes on and on. But did you notice what was happening while your child was standing there? They were captivated and actively engaged with what they were watching on the screen. These shows grab and hold the attention of children. That is because media programmers have hired experts to design shows that do just that grab the attention and engage the child. 

We live in an age where we are inundated with media. It is the age of technology. We can use technology to our advantage in providing children with a quality education. The Kaiser Family Foundation interviewed 1,000 parents with children that ranged in age from six months to six years. They discovered that even preschoolers are actively selecting, requesting, and manipulating media (Coats, 2013). By watching educational children’s shows, we can pick up tips and techniques that will help us not only grab the attention of our students but to hold on to it so that learning can happen. 

Television, as well as other forms of media, can be utilized as a springboard for conversation and interaction with students. It opens the door to discuss feelings, talk about societal diversity, discuss stranger danger, teach values, and learn about friendships, the topics are numerous.

In our class, these shows will be utilized like any other storytelling session. The class will use them to practice sharing attention. They will be encouraged to ask and answer questions. And they will be invited to participate with the characters they are watching on the screen. 

Change is hard. But I believe we can use these educational shows in a positive manner that will foster, enhance, and encourage learning in a digital age. I invite you to enjoy opportunities such as these at home with your child. Don’t be afraid to act silly, sing along, dance with them, interact with them. You will be playing an essential role in developing your child’s literacy skills.


Monday- Sesame Street Rhyming 

Wednesday – Backyardigans

 (Adventure build a song with words day)

Friday- Super why hero dress up/ Reciting learned words through the week 

*Attention parents*

 Music plays a key role in Children lives as well as their media. Having theme songs and using music to announce transitions is a common tactic in children's usually copied in structuring a classroom day

•  Using television and internet for conversation and interaction with 3 and 4 year old 

• Interact with children and explain to them what is going on as they are    watching television/ learning games 

• When children are using the internet when learning it allows them to interact by responding what they hear or see

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