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Respond to discussion 7Answers 1Homework Assignment

A brief description of the three principles you selected. Then explain why you believe these three principles are the most important for carrying out response and recovery operations.

     Disasters often times without warning, and for the most part it is difficult to demonstrate early the particular strategies that ought to be utilized as a part of a genuine emergencies since they will be moderately unmistakable for the real crisis that creates. Dr. E.L. Quarantelli developed ten principals that disaster researchers can use as a guide for some tactical considerations that are involved in efficient and effective disaster management. One of the principles that is can be an effective tactic in disaster is the first principle. Recognize the difference between agent and response generated, needs and demands. This principle basically discusses the two different needs and demands that has to be addressed when responding to a disaster. There are the requirements that outcome straightforwardly from the disaster agent involved. At that point, there are likewise the requests that outcome from the reaction itself of associations to the emergency.  In other words, there are issues made by the disaster itself, and there are issues created by the sorted-out push to react to the disaster. This principle is important when carrying out response and recovery operations because it can allow better planning, a better operational response, and better understanding from the disaster itself. In the event that these needs and demands are not recognized then it is an indication of poor disaster management. 

     Another principle developed from Quarantelli is the importance of carrying out generic functions in an adequate way. This means that particular needs or requests can be somewhat extraordinary in discrete events, but certain response patterns or functions will nevertheless still have to be carried out in each case. For example, in one specific earthquake or hurricane there may be tens of thousands of homeless to shelter, such as in Hurricane Andrew or the earthquake in Kobe, where in another there may be only a handful. Nevertheless, it is extremely rare for any significant community disaster not to create some need for the housing of the homeless (Quarantelli, 1996). This principle is important when carrying out response and recovery operations because, although different disasters can differ generally in their effects and impacts, with some of them specifically connected to the specialist included, it is as yet conceivable to imagine regular capacities that must be completed in the administration of such events.

     Permit the proper exercise of decision making is another principal to tactical response. When a disaster occurs, it is important to have great decision-making process because disasters make necessities for new, non-conventional undertakings and clashes amongst existing and emanant gatherings. This can prompt clashes over who has the authority to make pronouncements. This principle is important when carrying out response and recovery operations because, it will eliminate unnecessary judgements. It would also void out concerns or issues that may arise from poor decision making. Good decision making is a great tactical guide in evaluating the effectiveness of a response rather than whether the decisions are made by those in formally designated positions of authority.



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