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Research Paper Outline (in progress)  Start working on yo

Research Paper Outline (in progress)  Start working on your plan now. As you read, learn, and make decisions, you will probably change the content, support, and the way you explain. Make a copy of this outline for yourself and start completing it. Research question: school bully_____________________?How can school prevent school bullying?What cause a student become bullied and how to stop it?PurposeWhy does this topic interest you? Because it is a big issue that everybody needs to pay attention to it.Why do you think this subject will be academic, novel, and arguable?This subject will be arguableAbstract(do this part last)I. Introductiona. HookMany kids been through school bully and some students committee suicide after being bullied. Background Bully exist everywhere and it needs to be taken care of to prevent more and more kids try to end their life. Thesis We have to find out what cause student becomes a bully and how to prevent it. Mainly from three part, how student become a bully, what impact can bully do to other students, and how to prevent school bullyII. Sub-topic #1 thesisHow student become a bullya. BP1 topic FamilyEvidence & source BP2 topic   grow up environmentEvidence & source BP3 topic childhood trauma       Evidence & sourceIII. Sub-topic #2 thesis What impact can bully do to another student?a. BP1 topic depressionEvidence & source BP2 topic suicideEvidence & source  BP3 topic twist mind (school shooting)      Evidence & sourceIV. Sub-topic #3 thesisHow to prevent school bullya. BP1 topic Harder on school rules, more strictEvidence & source BP2 topic make them feel welcomeEvidence & source  BP3 topic provide free counseling      Evidence & sourceV. Conclusion a. Restated thesisb. Suggestion / opinion / prediction c.  Reference PageEffects of Bullying. (2018). Retrieved from, G. (2018). What Causes Your Child to Become a Bully?. Retrieved from, S. (2018). About Your Privacy on this Site. Retrieved from Impact of Bullying. (2018). Retrieved from Kids Can Do. (2018). Retrieved from psychological associationThe conversation

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