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Research Methods For this assignment, you will create a re

Research Methods For this assignment, you will create a research question, select an appropriate research method to answer that question, and discuss the appropriateness of the type of research you selected. Your title will be a research question that you are interested in investigating.  You will not actually conduct this research for the assignment though. You are also expected to explore the different types of research methods. Here is an example: Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative. Select a research method that is appropriate to use to answer your question.  Explain the research method that you have selected. ·        What steps are involved?·        Cite the information from sourced material. (You may need additional sources to get a complete idea of the research method you chose).  Because you are using outside information to create this paragraph, there will be in-text citations in APA format. ·        In addition, briefly discuss how you would use that research method to answer your question (assume you had access to whatever you needed). Remember Grantham has a policy that no more than 20% of a paper can be sourced material.·        Explain why the research method you selected is appropriate for answering your research question.  What kind of data does it generate?  How would that data answer your question?In your concluding paragraph, explain the weaknesses, limitations, and bias that you would need to be aware of if you were to use that research method to answer your question.

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