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Read the following: Grudem, W. (2003). Business for the glory of

Read the following: Grudem, W. (2003). Business for the glory of God: The Bible’s teaching on the moral goodness of business. Wheaton: IL: Crossway. ISBN: 9781581345179.Book Review Grading Rubric CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedContent0 to 15 points•All components of the Book Review assignment are addressed.•Review is structured in current APA format.•Review is submitted by deadline.Analysis0 to 75 pointsIncludes:•Thorough exploration of agreements and disagreements with text.•Pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples.•Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts).•Integrated support of at least 3 sources beyond the reviewed text.•Integration of biblical principles.Mechanics0 to 40 points•Proper spelling, grammar, and usage are used.•The required word count (at least 1,000 words) is met.•In-text and reference list citations in current APA format.•Communication follows Student Expectations.Total/130The Book Review MUST HAVE ATLEAST 1,100 WORDS in current APA format. Choose 1 chapter and write an in-depth review of the chapter you choose. Discuss 1 or 2 main points with which you agree and 1 or 2 with which you do not agree, supporting your thoughts with well-reasoned arguments. Your analysis must also be supported by at least 3 sources other than the Grudem book and biblical principles. Each additional source must be cited in-text and in a reference list in current APA forma

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