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Question 11Shareholders probably have the most int

Question 11Shareholders probably have the most interest in which one of the following sets of ratios?A.return on assets and profit marginB.long-term debt and times interest earnedC.price-earnings and and times interest earnedE.return on equity and price-earningsQuestion 12Al’s Sport Store has sales of $897,400, costs of goods sold of $628,300, inventory of $208,400, and accounts receivable of $74,100. How many days, on average, does it take the firm to sell its inventory assuming that all sales are on credit?A.74.19 daysB.84.76 daysC.121.07 daysD.138.46 daysE.151.21 daysQuestion 13 You need to analyze a firm’s performance in relation to its peers. You can do this either by comparing the firms’ balance sheets and income statements or by comparing the firms’ ratios. If you only had time to use one means of comparison which method would you use and why?Question 14 The process of determining the present value of future cash flows in order to know their worth today is called which one of the following?A.compound interest valuationB.interest on interest computationC.discounted cash flow valuationD.present value interest factoringE.complex factoringQuestion 15 You invested $1,400 in an account that pays 5 percent simple interest. How much more could you have earned over a 20-year period if the interest had compounded annually?A.$749.22B.$830.11C.$882.19D.$901.15E.$914.62Question 16 You just received $225,000 from an insurance settlement. You have decided to set this money aside and invest it for your retirement. Currently, your goal is to retire 25 years from today. How much more will you have in your account on the day you retire if you can earn an average return of 10.5 percent rather than just 8 percent?A.$417,137B.$689,509C.$1,050,423D.$1,189,576E.$1,818,342Question 17 When you retire 40 years from now, you want to have $1.2 million. You think you can earn an average of 12 percent on your investments. To meet your goal, you are trying to decide whether to deposit a lump sum today, or to wait and deposit a lump sum 2 years from today. How much more will you have to deposit as a lump sum if you wait for 2 years before making the deposit?A.$1,414.14B.$2,319.47C.$2,891.11D.$3,280.78E.$3,406.78Question 18An ordinary annuity is best defined by which one of the following?A.increasing payments paid for a definitive period of timeB.increasing payments paid foreverC.equal payments paid at regular intervals over a stated time periodD.equal payments paid at regular intervals of time on an ongoing basisE.unequal payments that occur at set intervals for a limited period of timeQuestion 19You are considering two lottery payment options: Option A pays $10,000 today and Option B pays $20,000 at the end of ten years. Assume you can earn 6 percent on your savings. Which option will you choose if you base your decision on present values? Which option will you choose if you base your decision on future values? Explain why your answers are either the same or different.Question 20You have been investing $250 a month for the last 13 years. Today, your investment account is worth $73,262. What is your average rate of return on your investments?A.8.94 percentB.9.23 percentC.9.36 percentD.9.41 percentE.9.78 percent

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