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QUESTION 1            Use this Excel spreadshee

QUESTION 1            Use this Excel spreadsheet to calculate your grade in   this class. It should include the weights of each       graded   assignment, your grade in each assignment, and your final grade. To use this for your benefit,      you   may want to design it so that it can be used to calculate your interim grade   before you have all the      grades. After this week, you will receive the   solution from your professor and you will be able to      use   your solution or our solution for future classes.                                      MGMT 650 Grade Calculator:                   QUESTION 2               A   quality characteristic of interest for a rice-bag-filling process is the   weight of the rice in the individual bags. If the bags are under filled, the company may be in violation of the   truth-in-labeling laws. In this   example, the label weight on the package indicates that, on average, there   are 15 pounds of rice in a bag. If the   average amount of rice in a bag exceeds the label weight, the company is   giving away product. Getting an exact   amount of rice in a bag is problematic because of variation in the   temperature and humidity inside the factory, differences in the size of the   rice, and the extremely fast filling operation of the machine (approximately   150 bags a minute). The following   table provides the weight in pounds of a sample of 60 bags produced in one   hour by a single machine:                 15.1 15.3 15.2 14.6 14.8 15.2 15 15.2 15 15.4    15.7 14.8 15.4 15.5 14.9 14.9 14.9 15.3 15.5 15.4    15.1 14.7 15.1 14.6 14.7 15.2 15.4 15.4 14.5 15.5    15.1 14.8 14.9 14.6 14.6 15.4 15 15.3 15.5 14.9    15.2 15.2 15 15.1 14.7 14.7 15.1 15 14.8 14.8    15.15 15.16 15 15.2 15.14 15.01 15.07 15 15.12 15.1                              Find   all of the following answers using built-in Excel functions                   A) Median:                           Mean:                           B)   First quartile:                          Third   Quartile                                       C)   Range. Hint: Use two Excel functions to find the range.                    Interquartile   range. Hint: use two previously calculated numbers.                   Variance                           Standard   deviation                         Coefficient   of variation. Hint: This number is found using two previously calculated   numbers.                                                     Parts   d and e are your chance to show your understanding.       You   are a consultant brought in by the company and given the sample.     What   are your recommendations to the company, based on your reading for this week?                          D. What are the measures   of central tendency for the sample?                                                                    Interpret the measures of central tendency within the context of   this problem. Should the company   producing the rice bags be concerned about the central tendency?                                                                                                                                            E. What are the measure   of variance for this sample?                                                                       Interpret the measures of   variation within the context of this problem. Should the company     producing the rice bags   be concerned about variation?                                                                                                                                                             QUESTION 3     Built-In Excel Functions          Review   Excel help files (and other sources if you wish) and       explain   in your own words:                      A)   The difference between the functions: QUARTILE.INC()       and   QUARTILE.EXC().                                                                                                                                                                                          Which   of the two functions will you get if you use QUARTILE()?                                             B)   The difference between STDEV.S() and STDEV.P();       and   the difference between VAR.S() and VAR.P().                                                                                                                                                                    C)   The difference between the functions, MAX() and MAXA();      and   the difference between AVERAGE() and AVERAGEA()?                                                                                                                                                       D)   Give an example of when you would use the COUNT() function;      and   and example of when you would use the COUNTA() function.        QUESTION  4               4. Frequency Distribution:              Here   is a hypothetical list of the number of caramel popcorn          cans   sold in 50 scout troops in Maryland. Use Excel’s            capability   (=FREQUENCY()) to create a frequency distribution           using 5 bins.                                Number of Caramel popcorn cans sold in each troop       170 105 103 105 148 158 121 130 118 157       159 147 132 100 115 192 158 196 149 140       176 199 174 107 179 183 129 194 119 150       198 171 120 151 163 108 184 134 186 175       180 114 107 107 165 137 184 200 189 103                       MIN   Use the =MIN() function   to find the lowest number of popcorn cans sold.     MAX   Use the =MAX() function   to find the highest number of popcorn cans sold.                     Subtract   the lowest number of cans sold from the highest number of cans sold:       The   range of number of cans sold is:                              Now   divide the range of the cans sold by 5 to find the size that each bin should   be                       Size   of bin is                                 Create   your bins:               Start   with the minimum number of cans sold and add the size of the bins.        Therefore,    plus   is the highest number   that the first bin should be.      The   =FREQUENCY() function uses the highest number of each bin when calculating   the number in each bin.    The   next bin highest number starts with the first bin’s highest number and adds   the size of the bins.     Therefore,   the second bin begins with    and adds the bin size   to get        Continue   adding to get the Bins array for the =FREQUENCY() function.         Follow   the instructions in the youtube videos to use the =FREQUENCY() array   function.       You   know that you have correctly used the =FREQUENCY() function if Excel   automatically puts {} around the function.                   Min   Bins:   Frequency:            Max         QUESTION 5            5.   Use the frequency of the scout troop caramel popcorn cans sold data and   the         bins data from problem 4   to create:                          Number of Caramel popcorn cans sold in each troop      170 105 103 105 148 158 121 130 118 157      159 147 132 100 115 192 158 196 149 140      176 199 174 107 179 183 129 194 119 150      198 171 120 151 163 108 184 134 186 175      180 114 107 107 165 137 184 200 189 103                     A)   A histogram using the data analysis tool. (Don’t forget to check chart output   at the bottom of the      histogram   popup window to put the histogram information that is generated into a   chart.)                      Histogram:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  B)   A Bar Chart:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 C)   A Pie Chart:

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