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PSY 1012 General PsychologyModule 2 Course Project

PSY 1012 General PsychologyModule 2 Course ProjectTopic SelectionAs a first step in your Psychology Research Report, choose a topic that you find interesting. In a field this broad, it leaves many options. You might find it helpful to review the topics covered in your text (even the modules not yet covered).Here are a few ideas that you might consider:Therapy for DepressionMid-life CrisisEffects of violent TV on ChildrenCreativitySchizophreniaSuicidal BehaviorsDeath and DyingChild AbuseEffects of Noise on HearingAttachment in InfantsDrug Use MotivationTest AnxietyDevelopment of Self-esteemAcquisition of MoralityMusic TherapyPsychological Aspects of PainViolence and AggressionSex-role typingStages of SleepBehavior Problems of ChildrenBipolar DisorderStress ManagementMeditationDance or Music TherapyOnce you have selected a topic, write 1 paragraph using proper spelling/grammar that states what your topic is and why you selected it.

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