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Project Management Project – ReportAnswers 1Homework Assignment

Please reply to post ONLY if you understand the assignment thoroughly and can commit to completing it as such by 11/30/13.  The report can be compiled using the attached 97 page document.


This is an assignment for a public project management course.


Imagine that you are working for a consultant company. The CEO of your company just handed you the attached Request for Proposal (RFP) for a project. He wants you to provide him with a report of the RFP with the following information:


1. Background of the project and description of work (summarized)


2. Type of contract.


3. List all requirements (State and/or Federal) and provide a summary of each. (There are quite a few)


4. What are the key dates for the proposal?


5. Describe the selection process.


6. How is the indemnity setup?


7. What are the insurance requirements?


The report must be submitted in 12pt, Times New Roman Font with double spaced paragraphs and 1 inch margins (failure to follow this format will result in points taken off assignment).  The report should be 8-9 pages.


The report needs to include in text citations and a works cited page as needed. The works cited page is not included in the page limit.


Plagiarism, either intentional or unintentional will not be tolerated.  Any student suspected of plagiarizing their paper will be reported to the department and the university for academic dishonesty. 


If there are any questions about how to cite a text, consult the MLA Handbook. 

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