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Powerpoint – National School Lunch ProgramAnswers 1Homework Assignment

Congratulations! Based on your e-mail in Unit 3, a presentation of your identified problem has been placed on a public meeting agenda. You have been asked to attend the public meeting and deliver a PowerPoint presentation on the issue and present some preliminary solutions to the problem.


PowerPoint Presentation


Based on your research and assignments to date, prepare a PPT presentation for delivery at a public meeting of decision makers (to gain support for the problem you have identified that requires public action or inaction). In the PPT, explain the issue and your potential solution(s). The PPT presentation should be 10–15 slides in length.


Also include in the PPT what aspects of the problem and potential solutions on which you will do further research that will support your position.


Your PPT should contain new and additional resources that support your solution to the problem. The new resources should include non-print/written resources (i.e. audio or video, personal interviews, public meetings, symposiums, etc.) Be sure to include proper APA citations in the “notes” section of the PPT for all of the resources.


I have uploaded the previous assignments that co in relation with this powerpoint.

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