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Political QuestionsAnswers 1Homework Assignment


1.    Write a paragraph explaining the three-pronged test established by Lemon for permissible state acknowledgment of and support for religion. Next, write a second paragraph addressing if these criteria appear to be adequate to protect the interests of believers and nonbelievers? (50 Word Para)


2.    In no uncertain terms, Sarah H. Cleveland states, “To conclude that a person who could not be prosecuted as a result of torture could nevertheless be detained indefinitely on that basis would illegitimate U.S. efforts in the struggle to abolish torture and to promote fair trial process around the world.” How might Jack Goldsmith respond to this in two paragraphs? Be as specific as possible. (50 Word Para)



3.    Larry Bell considers it significant that during July 2010, freezing temperatures in eastern Bolivia (normally above 68°F) killed millions of fish in three major rivers, characterized there as an environmental catastrophe. Would Gregg Easterbrook be able to make this information fit into his own argument? Explain in no less than two paragraphs. (50 Word Para)




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