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Political IssuesAnswers 1Homework Assignment

Many conflicts throughout history have been fueled by the notion, "God is on our side!" With so many invoking God as being on their side, it would seem that He has had a hand in nearly every skirmish, battle, conquest, crusade, or war. This attitude, a religious based aspect of "exceptionalism," has justified cruelty toward, and even the annihilation of, entire cultures. A similar motivation that has been used by Americans to justify conquest include that cultures needed "civilizing."

Using this summary as your guideline, you will write an essay arguing for or against the use of torture on enemy combatants as a means of obtaining crucial information. Does our American exceptionalism give us the right to do this or prevent us from doing so?

In addition to the arguments on American Exceptionalism in the text book, use at least one more outside source. Your paper needs to be a minimum of 500 words. Use APA standards. You may not use Wikipedia for a source.

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