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political Answers 1Homework Assignment

The United States' Constitution set up the foundation of government and the foundation of our rights. However, questions remain on how this document should be interpreted given much language in the document is open to interpretation.  For example, what does the right to “bear arms” mean?  Should this right be absolute or should there be limits on what types of weapons citizens can use for their own self defense?  In addition, what is considered an “unreasonable” search by police?  That is, is it unreasonable for police to enter into a house without a warrant, or should there be exceptions to this requirement?  Furthermore, what is “cruel and unusual punishment”?  Should the death penalty qualify as cruel or unusual?  One final example is who should determine when to engage US troops into military combat?  While the Congress has the power to declare war, the President is the Commander in Chief.  The list goes on and on: 

So with this in mind, here is your assignment for this discussion board:  choose a phrase or word from the constitution and explain how you think it should be interpreted (feel free to use one of the examples I gave above or you can pick your own).  In your analysis, explain why you think this phrase should be interpreted in that particular way.


You will have until February 12th by 7:00pm to post a response.  Your response should include the following:

  1. An answer to the question provided in a minimum of 10 quality sentences (1 point).
  2. At least one piece of evidence to support your position.  Evidence includes statements from respected sources, real life qualitative examples, or quantitative statistical data.  This evidence can come from your required readings, outside newspaper articles, reports found online, etc. (1 point).
  3. A full citation of evidence used (1 point).

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