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Please identify and defineAnswers 39Homework Assignment


Chapter 8 Graded Assignment  

Please Identify and Define…

  1. the nature and realms of administrative decision making.  
  2. intelligence, the learning organization, and knowledge management, and their significance in the administrative decision-making process.  
  3. the functions and methods of forecasting and planning.  
  4. the rational and incremental models of decision making in terms of their methods and occasions for use.  
  5. the contributions of benefit/cost analysis, environmental assessment, and risk assessment to administrative decision making.  
  6. convergent and divergent problems and their implications for decision making.  
  7. the major features of the social and political environments in which administrative decisions occur.  
  8. the nature of groupthink and its impact on decision making.  
  9. closed and open systems of decision making.  

Chapter 9 Graded Assignment  

Please Identify and Define…

  1. the general levels and major objects of spending by federal and state/local governments, including entitlements and other mandatory spending obligations.  
  2. the general levels and major sources of revenue for federal and state/local governments.  
  3. the major characteristics of government financial choices and the cycle of fiscal decision making.  
  4. the purposes for which budgets are used in all levels of government.  
  5. the types of budgets that governments commonly use.  
  6. the steps in the process of adopting the annual federal budget.  
  7. the means for managing and reviewing government spending.  
  8. the means for acquiring and managing government debt.  
  9. how government financial choices are constrained by current political and economic conditions.  

Chapter 10 Graded Assignment  

Please Identify and Define…

  1. the various categories of public employees and the number who work at each level and in the major governmental functions.  
  2. the kinds of positions in which top-level appointees are placed and the factors that influence their selection.  
  3. the principles of the merit system.  
  4. the organization of human resource management in government.  
  5. the employment process, including recruitment, selection, promotion, compensation, and termination.  
  6. the concepts of equal opportunity, affirmative action, and comparable worth and the controversies surrounding them.  
  7. the role of unions in public employment and the impact of the collective bargaining process.  
  8. the rights of public employees generally.  
  9. the future prospects for the public service, including recruitment of new personnel, management of current employees, and alternative concepts for organization of the merit system.  

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