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Need in 18 hours from nowAnswers 1Homework Assignment

In Week 3, we highlighted important issues that arise within the context of bureaucracies that influence the effectiveness of a bureaucratic organization. Characteristics of a bureaucracy were examined, as well as how different forms of group structure play important roles in the operations of a bureaucratic organization. Bringing in the importance of policy goals and how those goals are integrated into the actions of a bureaucracy, we also explored how effectiveness of an organization could be assessed by measuring its attainment of a preferred balance in the four policy goals. Other issues examined this week included various decision making processes and the centrality of communication.

Bureaucracy grew because society needed to do things—build roads, educate students, collect taxes, fight battles, and dispense justice. A dichotomy of views exists about bureaucracies. First, they are needed to achieve government’s mission—service to the public. Second, they are distrusted and disliked by the public they serve because of impersonal rules and red tape. In your discussion, explain what can be done about the public hostility toward bureaucracy. How can these organizations become more effective and responsive to the public? How does the type of decision-making process influence effectiveness of bureaucratic organizations?

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