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Need Discussion post of 500-700 words with 4 citations and

Need Discussion post of 500-700 words with 4 citations and references in APA format.Production and ServicingProduct and Service InnovationIn the business society, production and servicing, in general, entail the basic core of all operations. Therefore, product and service innovation refers to implementation of business to generate conformity and address demand of consumers in the market. However, service innovation is wide in reference to processes, production, delivery or consumption (Shelton 39). This is because when a product filters down to a service, it becomes product or service innovation which includes improvements in the operations in attaining the final item in the manufacturing process.As far as innovation is considered strategically good in boosting and maintaining customer satisfaction, to what extent of strategic benefit does it provide in balancing the ratio of labor and rewards?The Structure and Scope of OperationsRunning a company requires a lot of efforts, hard work and knowledge. Different ongoing activities and business operations are included in the production of value for all the stakeholders in the commercial sector. Business operations are the basic guidelines that relate to an organization’s main objectives during production and their main purpose is to harvest the value from the assets that a company possesses. Their scope includes structural, functional and environmental aspects of an organization. For production to be of total quality, there is a need for structural operations such as specialization in order to satisfy customers’ requirements about certain products and services (Sullivan 62).  Product and production processes in this division need to be characterized from simple to complex, and proper personnel should be employed to ensure quality goods and services.However in reference to structure and scope in operations to ensure quality work, are the choices in structures and strategies generating sufficient growth and profits to organizations? Why is it important for an organization to incorporate product and service innovation into the organization? Provide examples on how your current organization doe this or provide a scenario on how organization(s) can incorporate product and service innovation to help the business grow.Works Cited:Shelton, Robert. ‘Integrating product and service innovation.’ Research-Technology Management 52.3 (2009): 38-44.Sullivan, Dan. Document warehousing and text mining: techniques for improving business operations, marketing, and sales. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001: 57-71

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