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Need back in 9 hours from nowAnswers 36Homework Assignment

Respond to each peer initial post with a response about 3-4 sentences long.

Peer #1

Grand is the amount of money that is non-repayable or the substances and the gifts that are gifted or else disbursed by a certain party. The parties that disburses such gifted products are the ones like governmental corporations and the departments of the government (Scherer, 2016). The grand process is the protocol that follows a sort of a linear lifecycle in which creating the opportunities for funding is initiated in the applications and making award decisions in the processes and thus enabling a successful implementation of the awards (Murray et al., 2016).

Discuss formative and summative evaluations.

           Formative evaluation of the grand involves more of the variety on assessments developed during the development process and the learning process (Murray et al., 2016). In the other turn, summative evaluation majorly considers the assessment of the participants where all the focus is based on the outcome of the program that has been laid (Scherer, 2016). Therefore, in the turn of the evaluations as they can be compared, summative evaluates on the outcomes of the program while the formative evaluation bases on the development of a participant at a particular period (Murray et al., 2016). 

Research evaluation criteria used in three grant proposals, identify the criteria used, and discuss any commonalities between the criteria.

           The grant evaluation criteria involves the research approach. This involves the proposal originality, the applicants, the environment of the research where it was conducted and the research impacts. This enables the role and the criterion of accessing the vital values of the institutions. The strength is attained by the power following the right manner of the research (Scherer, 2016). The major commodity used in the criterion is the review of the research that gives the outcomes of the real and at the real time.

Now that you know more about program evaluations, how might you write the grant proposal differently?

           The proposal to the program evaluations can be indicated to being as a request or an enquiry of the grand from the government or the larger organizations. This would lead to the evaluation and the valuation of the process to having the acceptance of the process (Murray et al., 2016). This is essential step on proposal, which allocates it the best measure in the society.


Evaluation is the process of examining a program or process to determine what's working, what's not working, and why. It determines the value of learning and training programs and acts as blueprints for judgment and improvement. (Rossett, Sheldon, 2001). Evaluations are normally divided into two categories which are formative and summative.

A formative evaluation, sometimes referred to as internal is a method for judging the worth of a program while the program activities are in progress. They can be conducted during any phase of the ADDIE process. This part of the evaluation focuses on the process.

The formative evaluations are basically permit the designers, learners, instructors, and managers to monitor how well the instructional goals and objectives are being met. Its main purpose is to catch deficiencies ASAP so that the proper learning interventions can take place that allows the learners to master the required skills and knowledge.

A summative evaluation, sometimes referred to as external is a method of judging the worth of a program at the end of the program activities. The focus is on the outcome. The various instruments used to collect the data are questionnaires, surveys, interviews, observations, and testing. The model or methodology used to gather the data should be a specified step-by-step procedure. It should be carefully designed and executed to ensure the data is accurate and valid.

Questionnaires are the least expensive procedure for external evaluations and can be used to collect large samples of graduate information. The questionnaires should be tested before using to ensure the recipients understand their operation the way the designer intended. When designing questionnaires, keep in mind the most important feature is the guidance given for its completion. All instructions should be clearly stated.  Ideally, evaluators will be a part of designing and managing the grant program to make recommendations about evaluation tools, data collection methods, and all other components of the evaluation process.

Fit with the Foundation’s Mission, Vision, Values and Investment Areas

Most grant proposals are valuated off of the criteria’s listed. Organizational Capacity which is a Clear mission, vision and strategy, it has a strong track record of service to the community. It shows strong leadership and management and Commitment to collaboration and learning with Sound financial management.

Next is Soundness of Project which includes evidence of sound methodology. It shows project reflects knowledge of the field, target populations and the local community. Lastly, a clear plan for implementation and a appropriate budget will be included.

Last in the criteria’s is the Potential for Impact this involves a clear, realistic, measurable goals and outcomes. Clear plan for how goals and outcomes will be achieved (Foundation, 2015).

Now that I know more about program evaluations I will write the grant proposal differently by carefully shaping the goals, objectives, and outcomes section of my nonprofit grant proposal to be sure project results are clear. Since i plan to gather data from sources like the interviews the proposal will explain what those sources are, who gathered the information and who analyzed the results.


Formative evaluations are performed throughout the time frame of the program and allow for corrections to be made if needed based on feedback (Evaluation, 2018). A formative evaluation helps one to understand why and how a program work or does not work. Though this type of evaluation does require time and money, every organization should take advantage of it as is an investment that increases the chances of the organization accomplishing its goals. Summative evaluations are conducted at the end of the program and provide the results of the nonprofit’s efforts (Evaluation, 2018). This evaluation’s purpose is to find out exactly what the organization has accomplished. Both of these evaluations are not needed for grant proposals but it is recommended that they both be done.

Evaluation Criteria used in Three Grant Proposals,identify the criteria used, and discuss any commonalities between the criteria.

  • Federal Department of Ed Physical Fitness Grant used both the formative and summative evaluations. The criteria used was key formative evaluation questions: a) Are project partners carrying out project activities with fidelity to the proposed design and management plan—i.e. Has the project met its targets for implementing project activities related to each goal and objective? Has the project met its annual targets for staffing, training, coordinating delivery of counseling services, and engaging in parent outreach and related services? b) Has project staff used information effectively throughout the project—including formative evaluation data—for self-assessment and program improvement?; c) Has the project met its targets regarding implementation of specific initiatives and public dissemination of project results? d) Are the project’s procedures, policies, and management effectively supporting the project in accomplishing its proposed activities and meeting its milestones? e) Are project activities focused on achieving the objectives and conforming to timelines set forth in the project proposal? f) Do the policies and feedback mechanisms support ongoing review and program improvement (Example of an Evaluation Plan, 2018)? Key summative evaluation questions are: a) Is the project achieving its objectives and performance targets? and b) What is the project’s impact on student behavior, attitudes and academic achievement, as well as on the behavior and attitudes in relevant areas of other stakeholders (Example of an Evaluation Plan, 2018)?
  • The Centerville Community Center used formative evaluations. They used projections which basically could be amended throughout the process if needed.
  • The Read to Succeed! Project used both formative and summative evaluations. They wanted to have standardized testing at the beginning and the end to determine if reading skills increased.

How Might I Write a Grant Proposal Differently

Now that I know more about evaluations I think a section for evaluations would need to be added as one of the necessary components for a grant proposal. The evaluations specify data for improvement during development and implementation.


To ensure that the grants that have been awarded to institutions have been properly managed, there is need to perform evaluations. In most cases, the funders will conduct an evaluation of audit before and after the provision of the audit in a bid to prove that they are worth the cause. This, therefore, lead us the discussion of two types of evaluations that are normally done by the guarantors that are the formative and the summative evaluations. Formative evaluation This is a type of evaluation that is normally conducted by the funders to prove if it is worth injecting their funds into the project. A good evaluation has to be done before indulging in the program course to ensure that it is worth. The evaluation continues to be done throughout the program timeframe as well. Summative evaluation A summative grant evolution is a post-analysis program concerning the achievement of the course that was funded. It is aimed at giving the results of the aftermath of the whole project. Funders are much interested in this kind of evaluation to determine whether they will involve in a similar project again based on its performance. It is the most preferred type of evaluation by many funders.  Having analyzed three different grant proposals, I have realized that two of the proposals were evaluated based on the summative approach while one was evaluated through a formative approach. The similarities that seem to be obvious is that both evaluation processes are aimed at appraising the project performance and is also seen as a way of providing a decision-making framework for the funders.  To conclude, having gained a basic knowledge concerning how grant proposals are evaluated, I will ensure that I developed a comprehensive grant proposal that is aimed at meeting the requirements and expectations of the funders.                                                                                                                           Reference Ward, D. (2010). Effective grants management. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. 

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