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Need back in 9 hours Answers 1Homework Assignment

Beginning in Week 1 and for the next two weeks, you will locate peer-reviewed journal articles that address various issues associated with the administration-politics dichotomy in public administration practice and then prepare annotated bibliographic entries for those articles. For this first week, there are no designated topics within this dichotomy. You may want to review the different topics discussed in this week’s lectures and readings to identify those of interest and then locate two (2) peer-reviewed articles that fit within these areas. Use APA formatting for the title and content of each annotation (see instructions in Week 5) and include the following information for each peer-reviewed journal article:


  1. A brief (1–2 paragraphs) summary of the author's or authors' key point (evaluative)
  2. Any direct quotations that you feel will be useful in preparing your final essay, with page numbers appropriately indicated
  3. A qualitative assessment of the article itself (i.e., your evaluation of the quality of the article in terms of its writing style, its bias, if any, and its usefulness for your final essay)


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