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Need back in 6 hours from nowAnswers 8Homework Assignment

There are three parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Locate the following types of funding sources on the Internet and submit a list of uniform resource locators (URLs) with a brief explanation of the source and purposes of funding:

  • Government sources
    • Two federal grant opportunities with at least one related to your statement of needs
    • One state grant opportunity
    • One local (city, county, or school district) grant opportunity
  • Foundation sources
    • Two foundation grant opportunities with at least one related to your statement of needs
  • Corporate sources
    • One corporate grant opportunity

Part 2: From the two sources you located above that were related to your statement of needs, select one funding source to utilize for your grant application. Briefly summarize your rationale for utilizing this funding source, including why this funding source would be applicable/related to your projects goals. The intent of Part 1 and Part 2 is to learn how to search for funding opportunities, and then to identify the particular funding source related to your project. A plethora of funding opportunities exists in the marketplace, and there are opportunities for nearly any programs or project that you can consider!

Part 3: Write a brief summary of what you learned about the process of searching for funding sources.

In a Microsoft Word document, include the following:

  • The list of funding sources you located with brief summaries of each source
  • A brief summary of the criteria you utilized to determine the viability of each particular funding opportunity. In other words, what criteria did you use to determine if the funding opportunity would match your grant or not.
  • A brief summary of what you learned during the process

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