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need back in 2 and a half hoursAnswers 1Homework Assignment

Respond to each peer post with a minimum of 3-4 sentences


Peer 1 Post


The concept of e-government refers to different government agencies using different technology outlets. Over the years, technology has had an tremendous impact in the public sector. Since the influence of technology, information has been able to be received more quickly to citizens and other government agencies and public administrators have become more effective with day to day activities. The implementation of the e-government has influenced the policy goals (equity, security, liberty,efficiency) in different ways.

Equity has been influenced because the access to different document is more accessible to more people at one time. Giving everyone with access a fair advantage to retrieve information without the additional requirements or having to go through additional people. Security has been influenced because with the use of technology documents are more secure. Public administrators with access have different and numerous passwords just to retrieve the information. The databases that the information is on the communicated through have different firewalls protecting information making sure that websites and emails are considered secure and safe before being utilized by public administrators. Liberty has been influenced because the e-government gives public administrators the freedom to be more accessible not only availble in an actual office. Also, with the e-government even though there are certain requirements there are also opportunities to make things personalize an example would be email with the custom color, this gives public administrators a choice. The email example is a small choice, but most times it is the fact that a choice is even given, especially in the workplace. Efficiency has been influenced because it makes the job more effective. The services provided become more streamlined. Public administrators are able to do more things at one time with the ability to send emails and retrieve documents in “real time”.

In today’s society technology is changing quickly. At one time the outlets were only the newspaper,radio,  local media stations, and national media stations, now social media is a HUGE deal. Not only will the budget allow that more people become aware of the government, they will also become aware of the technology changes and innovations. Just alone with some citizens wanting to stay in touch with technology innovations will create and keep a strong gain of citizens able to stay involved with our government.





Peer 2 Post


Much of the focus of electronic government in recent years has been devoted to placing services online. While this approach represents a crucial area for future action, it also is important to be aware of equity and accessibility needs in e-government. Among the services that benefit the most from e-government are disability access, readability, non-English language options, and user fees. What are some policy recommendations that can be proposed to improve the accessibility of public sector Websites?

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