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Need back in 10 hour from nowAnswers 5Homework Assignment

Research the Internet for examples of letter proposals, and compare the goals and objectives of at least three of them using the following criteria (Tip: Use the term “sample grant proposal” when you conduct your search):

  • How well they address the identified needs
  • How well the objectives are measurable in terms of target population, time, geographic location, and projected increases or decreases
  • If each letter proposal contains concrete ways of measuring progress toward meeting objectives
  • If the methods or activities outlined in each letter proposal are likely to result in progress toward the stated objectives
  • Other appropriate categories. Be sure to include at least one additional criteria that you think is important

Use a table for ease of comparison. Select the proposal that you believe is the best in terms of its goals and objectives. With reference to your textbook or external sources, explain what caused you to select that particular proposal and why you did not select the others.

Submit your answers in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document.


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Compared at least three proposals according to the categories identified in the assignment.
Provided sufficient explanation from your textbook or external sources for your decision.
Discussed why you did not select the other proposals as the best.
Wrote an essay that was well organized, well written, and free of typos or spelling and grammar mistakes or other technical or structural problems.


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