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need back 2 hoursAnswers 1Homework Assignment

Respond to each classmate post with 3-4 sentences




Classmate 1



  In years like this election year of 2016, we as American citizens are reminded that there is a large and varied amount of opinions on how it is best to go about running the country on the federal and local level. There is often a lot of hostility among citizens about whether there should be a “big,” heavy handed government involved in all aspects of citizens lives, or a small government that allows citizens to steer the country and have more personal liberty. As much as some citizens fight against it, big government has taken over many aspects of daily life and now many have resorted to managing the bureaucratic processes until they can get their political ideology installed. The rules in place, the hierarchy, the divisions of labor, the systems for recruitment are the four characteristics of bureaucracies that people want to change. (South University Online, Bureaucracy). The question is what they are going to change them to and how are they going to make them better than the status quo?

            In general, the public wants not just what is best for them in particular but what works most efficiently. People want the government to make sound decisions based on solid data and analysis. The removal of as much “red tape,” and other unnecessary steps to the rather simple decisions and focusing energy and effort to what has worked on passing difficult public projects, policies, programs, etc. would ease the majority of frustration the public has with bureaucracy. Using these rational, goal oriented approaches strengthens trust between the administration and the citizens. “Decision makers order their behavior so that it is reasonably directed toward the achievement of conscious goals” (Milakovich & Gordon, p. 196).


Classmate 2


Bureaucracy is the when the government officials are appointed rather than elected. The pros with this process is that people are appointed are in those positions because of their education and professional background. The cons with this process is that because these government officials are appointed, the many parts of the community does not trust them because they do not feel that appointed officials have their best interest at heart. This is a never ending battle, because there will not be a stop in appointed officials and some members of the community have a fixed mindset on the negatives instead of a positive outlook.

There should be a way where these appointed leaders and the community can come together. Even though there is not an election for the appointed leader there should be a time when the appointed leader can let inform the community of their views and standpoints about different issues in the community. Also, making community appearances so that trust can be built and the community. The fact that there would be any effort that the appointed leaders would want to be involved the communities would open more trust to members because they would feel that the appointed leader does actually care about the community and the community members.

The type of decision-making influences the effectiveness of bureaucratic organizations because there are different ways that focuses on different items. Another thing that influences the effectiveness is whether or not the community is in agreeance with the decision being made. Usually, if the community is not in agreeance it makes the decision harder to be carried out within the community. It also goes back to trust within the community.  

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