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need back 2 hours from nowAnswers 1Homework Assignment

Read and respond to each peer initial post with 3-4


Peer # 1


The stepping stone organization

How would you define efficiency and effectiveness in the nonprofit context?

Nonprofit entities have grown to become on the most successful business enterprises in the industry. Every entity is keen to ensure that operations undertaken are effective and efficient. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness in nonprofit entities is measure through various aspects; reduction of the cost of raising funds, perpetuity  which is considered to be less important as compared to the effectiveness of the programs, benchmark activities and processes which are embraced to achieve efficiency, following up with target consumers, control of administrative expenditure, encouraging donors to become social investors and emphasizing on the important roles of the board members (Fox, 2012). Nonprofit entities have a responsibility to increase the future effectiveness and elevate performance.  There is a very small gap between effectiveness and efficiency. These concepts improve the overall performance of nonprofit organizations.

How efficiency and effectiveness impact the performance of a nonprofit agency.

The Very nonprofit organization needs to measure its progress by ensuring that its mission is fulfilled and that success is realized through mobilizing resources, and emphasizing on the effectiveness of personnel in the job. Efficiency and effectiveness have a major impact on performance in the nonprofit organizations. Where efficiency and effectiveness are present, the success of the organization through performance effectiveness is realized. At the same time, effectiveness ensures that the performance management cycle is complied with through; planning, execution, adaptation, analyzing and sharing, as well as monitoring operations. Nonprofit agencies need to come up with strategies to improve their overall performance in the long run.

Analyze and explain how a nonprofit agency can improve its organizational performance in the absence of any of these elements.

Organization strategies are very important when it comes to performance management. In the absence of all other elements, nonprofit entities can improve their performance through relying on three basic strategies. Benchmarking is very important. It allows the organization to determine where to start from and more so, track all the improvements and progress which has been achieved for quite a long period in the entity. This also enables the entity to establish a baseline. Goal setting is a way to improve the performance and effectiveness of a nonprofit entity. Once it is clear where to start from it is easier to now which direction to take. Important factors which need to be kept in mind include; attainability of goals, relevance, and measurable goals. Implementation is the last process which is bound to improve performance of nonprofit entities. It ensures that the ideas which are present match the organization goals and strategies.

Discuss how small nonprofit agencies can market their case statement while operating with budget constraints.

Marketing ensures that the appreciation of nonprofit organizations is relevant. At the same time, there is a need to limit the budget and expenditures which are in the organization. At the same time, organization managers should ensure that the processes which are implemented are within budget considerations (Bacal, 2011). Nonprofits can market theory case more effectively through financial planning and reliance on professionalism, for the sole purpose of improving performance and remaining within the set budget requirements.

Peer # 2


Speaking for the nonprofit context efficiency is described as doing something right the first time.  Effectiveness in the nonprofit content is how well it worked.  An example of this is developing a plan to merge Steppingstone with a local tutoring agency to help with cutting down on the budget.  Volunteers are key in organizations because it is unpaid help.  They are branch out to ask college graduates to assist younger kids in need of help.   Being able to partner with a tutoring agency in exchange for something else this both efficient and effective.  It will work for the company because there will be no money out and no money in. “DEA is suited for measuring the technical efficiency of nonprofit organizations like charities because only input-output quality data are required” (Callen, 1993).  That means that you cannot put a value or a dollar amount on what a volunteer is worth.  Other items within Steppingstone can be tangible like donors and the amount that they can contribute. Salaries can be tracked and documented as well. “Except for volunteer labor, all inputs are measured in dollars.  This assumes that input prices are approximately constant across different charities in the specific health focus industry” (Callen, 1993).

 When you are able to track how efficient a company can you be, you are better able to determine the growth within the company.  This means having a better understanding of where funds are going to and how much is need to ensure that a program can be ran the right way.  Although this is subjective, it is up to more than one person to make the determination of what is right or what is wrong.  Without being effective and efficient, the company can be looked at as a start-up companying that is winging it. To improve you will need evaluate what other organizations are doing.  There will need to be multiple meetings between the stakeholders and the board of members to makes decisions on where the money is going to and how much is really needed to help with the mission of the organization. “Thus, evaluating nonprofit performance and ensuring their future financial viability also requires including a number of indicators of effectiveness (e.g., employability, mortality, crime, health, safety, etc.) that are linked to the achievement of outcomes that in many cases are difficult to define” (Median-boria, 2014).  Keep in mind that all areas that impact an organization will need to be addressed and looked at.

            Smaller nonprofit agencies can market their case statement while operating with budget constraints by downsizings in employees and programs.  They will have to keep on a financial planner that is able to do the marketing and fundraising.  This helps to have consistent money coming in.  Many meetings can help with the communication of the organization.  With more money, these agencies can eventually look at expanding if this is their long term plan.




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