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Need back 18 hours from nowAnswers 62Homework Assignment

As part of the course project in Week 5, you need to integrate weekly components into a full professional paper. You should offer recommendations that include short- and long-term goals for the nonprofit organization (NPO) you selected from W1 Project, considering the types of plans that management has in place to achieve these goals. Identify one or more Web sites or other books that will assist you in the development of a professional document.

For your course project, you need to perform the following tasks:

  • On the basis of the course project assignments from Weeks 1–5, create a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document that presents the key findings of your analysis.
  • Develop a set of recommendations for organizational change.
  • Identify activities necessary to achieve the change, using realistic goals.
  • Create a timetable that includes target dates for addressing each goal. Create your professional paper in a 10- to 15-page (double-spaced) Microsoft Word document including the following information:
  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Summary
  • Analysis
  • Key findings
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendix (that is, an organizational chart and an interview questionnaire)

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